środa, 2 lutego 2011

Barbara decides to write English

Since many of my friends are dissapointed that the whole blog is totally in Polish, even though I mentioned something at the beginning that I would like to have it billingual - here it comes. I decided to try and write some posts in English. Anyway, I should practice English, especially because I have to write a project report at work. And what's more, my family is visiting me next week (my sisters and my Mum) so I would switch to Polish again!

So this is about the great weekend I had! Finally after being sick 2 (or 3 to be more precise) weeks of January last Saturday I finally decided to go out! It was a hard week for me as I couldn't speak at all! Not that anybody really wanted to speak with me:P Because of, what I diagnosed as laryngitis, I stayed the whole week at home and missed two great parties. Birthday of my friend and houseworming party of my colleague.The other one I do not really miss a much as it must have felt like having tea with Hyacinth Bucket. You know, just sitting and trying not to spill or drop anything or even touch as it might destroy the whole ubiquitous perfection. Or maybe it wasn't so bad as they stayed there till 10pm. Or maybe the doors were closed to ensure that "good" party lasts longer:P I am thinking and analysing now if there is any chance that any of my colleagues my read it and report to the discussed person. So please do not understand me wrong - I like all my colleagues and I enjoy the diversity:)

So those parties I missed. Should I mentioned also the powerful chilean wine or liquer which had 45% and harshly damaged some of the party people?:P

Anyway, on Saturday I went shopping to buy a gift for another friend whose bday were on Monday. I have to mentioned that it was not an easy task as there were four of us, meaning two girls and guys and the bday girl is a vegan. Surprisingly we managed to pretty quickly reach a consensus and buy some nice cosmetics which are not tested on animals. Actually I would lie saying a full consensus as I opted for other scent but apparently I was the minority:(

After shopping we went to a nice cafe which is one of the highest situated one in Amsterdam. It is called Blue and it is located on the Kalvarestraat at the top of the shopping centre. It is not really big but it really has a nice view. I have my second favourite place in Amsterdam, for a coffee - after the restaurant in the library building.

Sunday was more crazy. I went shopping and found some nice shirts and pullovers. Usually when I go to buy something I end up buying nothing. So this time I did not think of anything particular and I got two pullovers, a skirt, and 2 or 3 shirts. Just because of sales. Well, I was paid for my articles recently so friday in, sunday out. I would call it kind of investment...:)

My boring plan for the rest of the day - the visit in the museum, was changed to help a friend with moving out. I was shocked by what I saw. She lives in Noord, another Arabic district. The building that she rented is supposed to be turned in a B&B. I think they have already destroyed everything in there, leaving just walls. I have no idea how she survived there for such a long time. Surprise, surprise, she had some problems with finding a new place. In her case, it was even more difficult as she has a dog (big one) and a cat!!! Anyway, few things left in the old room which we had to carry to the storage building or throw away. And only once we walked to her new place. I think it was the first time I was moving out with a bike:) My help was rewarded with a bedside table (and few days before I was thinking of how useful it would be to have one) and alcohol tasting:) She collects world's alcohols. I went for the lemon liquer from one of the Latin America country. It was funny though to go back home with almost invisible table (it is just a glass and C-shape metal frame). At least I could put my shopping bags on it when I was taking the tram to go back home. Somebody even joined me:)

Ok, time to do some serious stuff, what is looking for a job and filling applications form. Keep your fingers crossed for my inspiration:)

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  1. Nie cieszą mnie powtarzające się informacje, że w Amsterdamie tak trudno z mieszkaniami... Czy z pracą też są takie problemy?

    Dobrze, że się trochę wyszalałaś ;)

  2. Jak się jest wybrednym, a do tego ma zwierzyniec na głowie - to łatwo nie jest:) Ale pozytywne myślenie!!! Z pracą - nie wiem, bo ja na razie ogłoszenia przeglądam, a jeszcze się do prawdziwego szukania nie zabrałam. Za dużo rzeczy miałam do nadrobienia przez chorobę!!!