środa, 7 września 2011

Barbara decides to become a spotter

Some of you should remember that in Amsterdam I was always talking about going to the airport and taking pictures of planes during their take off. Due to some reasons this plan was not realized. Neither in Amsterdam, nor anywhere else. Till last weekend. It all started few days before when I bought a photo magazine and where they named people like me - spotters - those who are waiting for occassions and photographing landing or taking off planes. They also mentioned that airports in Poland - Balice and Pyrzowice are very spotters friendly. Well, if you know where to go, probably that's true:) I had perfect chance last weekend to shoot some photos as I had friends from Amsterdam visiting me. Katowice aiport is better adjust as anyone can see the runway from the car park. Moreover in one of those airport builletin they had an article with marked places perfect for plane shooting:) In Krakow it is not so easy but my friends promised to show me one spot:) I am looking forward. But first I need to check the schedule as planes in Krakow do not land as often as in Amsterdam and I would not like to go there and wait hours to take a pics:P That article also mentioned airports in Germany and Switzerland as friendly to photographers so you might see me there:)

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