czwartek, 15 września 2011

Barbara has a new hobby

I wish I lived or worked closer to the airport. I think I can be there every day now:) I have planned this trip since a very long time and finally yesterday I managed to realize my plan. Well, I was so close from not to go anywhere as it was raining all afternoon. But I did it:) I have found the best spotters places around Balice airport in Krakow, checked how to get there by bike, I noted the take off/landing schedule and I started cycling. Of course I left home a bit late so I really had to rush. Well it was "only" 15km so not so far. But, how smart of me, I realized the time of the plane flying above my head from the perfect spot will be few minutes before the actuall landing. What's more I did not checked the airline. So I aimed to be there at 6.15pm and I saw from the distance the plane coming. First I was to afraid too enter the highway (even for 100m as I was supposed to turn right after) so I had to make a U-turn and find another place. Then it turned out that the first plane was Ryanair and everyone knows that ryainer always overestimate the time so they can boost that they are always on time. So 6.08pm when it flew 100m away from me. Then I realized that it was the only one landing withing next two hours:P But there were some take offs so I moved to a new spot - perfect place for panning. And this is my new hobby. Spotting combined with panning! Panning is a ptechnique that allows to capture an objet during a movement and make it sharp while blurring the background. It is possible by moving the camera horizontally in the same direction as moving object (I am pretty sure that google or wikipedia will explain that to you better - I still have to read more about that and get a proper tripod - better than my bike's seat:P). So I tried with the planes that were taking off but they were too slow. Anyway I was busy with practicing on cars and I can say that I can apply for a photoradar positions:P On some of them you can see faces:) When I was about to leave as waiting 1,5h for one landing was a bit too long for me for planes landing/taking off. It seems that there is a secret schedule;) I also forgot that this was initially a military aiport so still some military planes lands there. And there was also a helicopter, not mentioning the perfect sun set. I love planes!!!!! I think I should look for a job near the airport or move back to Edinburgh and EAT;). I can also consider leaving close to the airport as the noise the planes make is not as frequent and only a bit louder as the one caused by the trams!!!! I am looking forward to my "holidays" and future trips. Eindhoven and London Standsted airports are the next destinations:) I have also read yesterday that Gdansk is preparing a platform for spotters. How nice of them:) Anyone in for a trip to the Polish seaside??? :)

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